The Perfect DeFi Platform with a "For The Community" orientation

Our platform will be widely used by cryptocurrency users due to the variety of features because it meets all of the needs that people frequently have, such as swapping, stalking, farming, and the NFT marketplace.

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The Best Features

CBP Wallet

Cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to store assets in cryptocurrency and performs special functions such as Transfer, Swap, Staking, Farming, NFT Management, and so on.

CBP Farming

Unlike staking pools, farms require you to stake a trading pair in exchange for LP Tokens, then stake LP Tokens at the farm to receive LP rewards.


CBP Finance provides virtual item management, distribution, and exchange NFT services to game developers and players. It allows these transactions to take place on the blockchain network.

NFT Marketplace

NFT marketplace for users to buy and sell NFTs directly on CBP Wallet.

Swap Platform

Token exchange platform based on PancakeSwap's smart contract to add and redeem tokens via trading pairs. Instead of swapping on Pancake Swap, users can swap directly on CBP's wallet and accumulate points to receive rewards.

Payment Gateway

In the future, the CBP payment gateway will be used by e-commerce sites worldwide that accept payments in $CBP or StableCoins.

Problem And Solution

PROBLEM: For a long time, there has not been an organization unit in the crypto market that can fully meet all of their users' needs. The majority of them must self-study, and it is extremely difficult for new users to gain access to reputable units to use. If you've ever bought something from a centralized exchange, you know how difficult it can be.

SOLUTION: CBP Finance has now integrated all of the necessary features to meet all the needs of its users. Furthermore, CBP Finance will allow users to buy Tokens in a few simple steps, and the Payment Gateway feature will enable everyone to pay bills on e-commerce platforms worldwide via CBP Wallet.

The best way to start a crypto portfolio is to have at least a 60% stake in Bitcoin &Ethereum which you can easily do with this app.

About Us

CBP Finance is a decentralized finance platform that provides the entire blockchain of services to users when participating in the platform. The project was created with the intention of providing benefits to users when participating in the platform. This is also a key and prominent difference between CBP Finance and other DeFi platforms.

CBP Finance was created with the goal of providing users with the most convenient blockchain services at the lowest possible cost and full features such as money transfer, swap, staking, farming, NFT Management, NFT Market, and Gateway Payment… Furthermore, CBP Finance also gives you the best trading opportunities and maximizes your profits through the best analysis features..

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  • Download and create an account easily

    Download it through Google Play or the App Store easy.

  • Link your bank account & make a payment

    Add a personal checking account at the bottom of link.

  • Start buying & selling crypto as you wish

    Although many people prefer to apply the buy and hold.


CBP is the system's governance token, here you can use CBP in our services, store, trade and exchange throughout the platform.

Token Name CBP Finance
Token Symbol CBP
Token Platform BSC
Token Standard BEP-20
Toltal Supply 102,000,000
Reward 32,640,000
Listing: 10,200,000
Team 10%
Liquidity 30%
Reward 32%
Farming 6%
Cex listing 10%
Marketing 7%
Airdrop 5%


We have a clear development roadmap based on our big goals. We always work hard every day to achieve those goals

Phase 1:

- Big Update

- Release Whitepaper

- Release Tokenomics

- Build Communication Channels

- Update Information CMC

- Release Website Alpha Version

- Community Development

- Launch Promotion Plan

- Developing Phase 2 Promotion Plan

Phase 2

- Testnet Reward Announcement

- Release CBP Wallet (Testnet)

- Release Referral Program CBP Wallet (Testnet)

- Release Transfer, Swap, Staking Pool, Farming (Testnet)

- Launch Bug Bounty Program

- End of Testnet phase

- Developing phase 3 promotion plan

Phase 3:

- Release CBP Wallet ( Mainnet )

- Release Referral Program CBP Wallet ( Mainnet )

- Release Transfer, Swap, Staking Pool, Farming ( Mainnet )

- Release NFTs

- Integration NFT into CBP Wallet

- Release NFT Marketplace

- Release NFT Staking feature

Phase 4:

- Release CBP Wallet Ver2.0

- Release platform LaunchPad

- Release CBP Visa card

- Connecting to a multinational Fiat payment gateway

- Connecting multiple payment points

- Cooperation with global e-commerce partners

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